Updated September 20, 2021

With over 45 years of experience, we at ETS Tours keep the well-being of our guests, employees, and partners as our first priority. Our promise to you: we will not waiver from that commitment. 

Our staff members and travel partners are trained to ensure that proper health measures are upheld. Together, we will work in accordance with the guidelines of local governments and health authorities. In turn, we trust that you, our guest, will review and agree to our health and hygiene guidelines. 

We look forward to our journey together in this new normal and encourage you to remember what Paul wrote – don’t be anxious, but in every situation make your requests known through prayer and petition (Philippians 4:6-7). Thank you for choosing to travel with us - safely, happily, and healthily! 

After operating several successful tours to the Holy Land during Israel’s initial pilot program, we anticipate those requirements remaining in place for the foreseeable future. Each guest will be contacted to collect the required information on a group-by-group basis and advised of any changes. 

Please review the following FAQs for further information. 

How should I prepare to travel to the Holy Land? 

  • Each guest will be required to show proof of vaccine against COVID-19. Vaccines approved by the CDC are accepted by Israel. If full vaccination occurred more than 6 months from the date that you depart from Israel to return to the USA or to begin an extension in Jordan, Egypt, or other foreign countries, a booster shot will be required. Proof of the booster shot must be on the vaccination card.

  • Each guest will be required to show a negative COVID-19 PCR test result taken no earlier than 72 hours prior to departure. All costs will be the responsibility of the guest.

  • Each guest will be required to take and pass a serological test and a COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival in Israel. All costs will be the responsibility of the guest.

  • Each guest will be required to take and pass a COVID-19 PCR test no earlier than 72 hours prior to returning to the U.S. All costs will be the responsibility of the guest.

  • The total cost for these tests is \$160 per person and should be paid prior to departure. ETS will contact the travel advisor to collect payment for the group.

  • Each guest will be required to present proof of travel medical insurance that covers illness caused by COVID-19 or doctor-ordered, 24/7 quarantine.

  • Each guest will be required to complete Israel’s Declaration by a Tourist and Consent to the Conditions of Entry and Stay in Israel form. This form will be sent to the travel advisor and should be returned to the ETS office. Travel Advisors will need to submit this completed form for each guest with a photograph of the guest’s photo page of his/her passport and a photograph of the guest’s official vaccination card.

  • Each guest must comply with all local airport and airline precautions/restrictions during travel. Currently, all airlines are requiring mask usage while in flight.

  • Temperature checks may be taken at various locations and times.

What should I expect from my guide?

  • Your guide will comply with local governmental regulations.

  • Your guide will wear a mask while guiding your group.

  • Your guide will ensure all guests and bus drivers will comply with mask requirements.

  • Your guide will provide an audio headset if you are unable to use your cell phone as a headset device.

  • Audio units will be cleaned by the company between groups when used.

  • You can clean your headset daily with provided wipes.

What should I expect while on the bus and from my bus driver? 

  • Bus capacity will follow Ministry of Tourism & Ministry of Health guidelines.

  • New air filtration systems have been installed by our coach suppliers on all buses contracted by ETS.

    • Filters are cleaned weekly.

    • New filters are inserted monthly

  • Anyone who rides on the bus will be required to wear a mask.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided on the bus.

  • Extra masks will be available on the bus if yours becomes unusable or lost.

  • Wipes will be provided on the bus.

  • Buses will be cleaned daily by our suppliers.

What should I expect during meals? 

  • During breakfast and dinner:

    • Breakfast and dinner will be provided by the hotel.

    • Each hotel will comply with social distancing recommendations for seating.

    • Dining will be organized as a group.

  • During lunch:

    • Each group is required to eat lunch together at one restaurant since reservations, arranged by ETS, are required to regulate the number of diners.

    • Restaurants will follow social distancing guidelines.

    • Restaurants may utilize outside dining when available.

  • Lunch sites will be approved based upon the following criteria:

  • Cleanliness

    • Ability to ensure social distancing

    • Box lunches could be provided on some days to ensure the well-being of every guest.

  • All dining establishments will:

    • Require staff to wear face masks.

    • Provide hand sanitizer stations.

    • Arrange tables and touchpoints between groups.

    • Seat tables with the smallest party size possible.

    • Schedule dining and provide tables that are socially distanced.

    • Ensure lines allow for social distancing.

    • Have servers staff any buffet lines and not allow self-serving.

What should I expect at the hotels? 

  • Hotels will clean public and private spaces at least twice daily.

  • Public spaces will be arranged to allow for social distancing.

  • Hotels will require masks for all guests and staff while in public spaces.

  • If a COVID-19 case is confirmed at the hotel, strict health rules and procedures will be followed according to the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Health.

What should I expect when touring a site? 

  • Staff and guests will wear masks according to local requirements. This currently applies to both indoor and outdoor sites.

  • Site management will limit the number of people at each site.

What should I expect while shopping? 

  • Shop management will limit the number of people in the shop according to local guidelines.

  • Each bus will be scheduled at a shop for a limited amount of time.

  • Approved shops will adhere to social distancing guidelines.

  • Shop management will ensure a clean shopping environment by

  • Cleaning all counter surfaces between groups.

  • Cleaning the entire shop daily.

  • Providing hand sanitizer in the shop.

What about travel protection plans? 

  • TripMate Travel Protection is offered for purchase by ETS and is available to all guests who actively reside in the USA or Canada.

  • The TripMate policy document can be accessed via the ETS website.

What should I do if I have a concern while traveling? 

  • Depending on when your concern arises, you should inform airline staff, your tour guide, hotel staff, or an EtS Hospitality Staff Member.