Updated on 09/07/21

Israel's New Pilot Program - For your safety and the Safety of the Israeli population

Great news! The new pilot program is resuming as of September 19th, 2021 and will allow tourists traveling in groups into Israel.

Since Israel’s pilot program opened on May 23, 2021, ETS has had hundreds of guests travel. Everyone who has decided to make the journey, despite the additional paperwork and testing required, has returned with rave reviews and felt blessed by their experience 

Here are some of the Pilot Group protocols currently in place:

You Must be Vaccinated to enter into Israel.

For vaccination to be valid, it must have been received within 6 months before travel. Tourists whose last vaccination (second dose) was received more than six months before travel will not be allowed entry.


ETS must obtain a special permit for everyone. We will need the following items to obtain your permit:

1. A photo of the picture page of your passport.   
2. A photo of your vaccination card, showing all required vaccinations.
3. The completed form from the Israeli Ministry of Tourism (see photo below). This form will be emailed to you.

Submit Israel Pilot Program Documents  

The following tests are required:

  1. A PCR test (COVID test) taken within 72 hours of your international flight. 
  2. A PCR test upon arrival in Tel Aviv (approx. $25).
  3. A serological test (antibody blood test) upon arrival in Tel Aviv. (approx $40)
  4. A PCR test within 72 hours of your return flight. ETS will arrange this. 
  5. A medical team will meet the group at the hotel within 72 hours before the flight.The current estimated cost of the return PCR is (approx $80), paid upon arrival.

With the sites being empty, guests can look forward to having time to pray and enjoy sites with out the rush and crowds.
There may never be another time in history to see the Holy Land like it is right now. 

IMOT Letter: