This letter should be sent to all passengers going ground only and their flights to ETS as soon as possible.

The following information is provided for your benefit so that there will be no misunderstanding of travel arrangements for ground only guests.

You will be responsible for:

  • All flight arrangements, both domestic and international, plus any flights necessary during the course of your tour.
  • All transfers to/from airport/hotel.
  • Final hotel night (most group flights are night departures)
  • Any other travel arrangements – including hotel arrangements not included in the regular tour itinerary or specifically arranged by us.
  • Informing us of your flight details (THIS IS MANDATORY).

It is important to understand that ETS:

  • Will not supply group flight information until inside of 30 days prior to the departure date.
  • Will not provide transfers for ground only passengers.
  • Does not include an overnight on the last day of touring (most flights are night departures).
  • Is not responsible for airline flight time changes and/or delays, which may alter the arrival/departure time of the ticketed group.
  • Is not responsible for lost touring time if you, as a “Ground Only” passenger are not able to travel with the ticketed group’s arrival.
  • Suggests that you consider arriving at your destination a day prior to the ticketed group and meet the group when they arrive at the airport.
  • Travel protection purchased through us only covers travel provided by and paid through us.
  • Is not responsible for providing individual Visas for ground only passengers (if applicable).

ETS must have Ground Only Guest's flight information

Unfortunately, the form is not available at this time.