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Daily Itinerary

Day 1 March 5 - Depart USA for the Holy Land

Your pilgrimage begins as you depart the USA on an overnight flight.

Day 2 March 6 - Welcome to the Holy Land

Once you arrive, you will be welcomed at the Tel Aviv airport by our representative and transferred to your hotel in Netanya to enjoy dinner and overnight.

Day 3 March 7 - Caesarea, Tel Jezreel, Harod Spring - Mt Gilboa, Nazareth - cliff overlooking valley of Megiddo

Visit the Roman Aqueduct and Theatre at Caesarea, a center of early Christianity (Acts 10) and where Paul was imprisoned for two years (Acts 23:33). See the heights of Mount Gilboa, where Saul and Jonathan fell to the Philistines. Follow an ancient caravan route through and look out over the Valley of Jezreel to the heights of Mount Carmel, where Elijah defeated the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18). Visit Harod (Gideon's Spring), the site where the Lord showed Gideon who he should choose for his army of 300 to fight the Midianites (Judges 7). Conclude your day in Nazareth, Jesus’ boyhood home (Matt. 2:23).

Day 4 March 8 - Travel northeast to Gamala, then Mount Hippos, then Kibbutz Ein Gev - Mendel Nun fishing museum, and stop briefly at Kursi next to Sea of Galilee.

Visit Gamla, known as the "Masada of the North," where Jews held out against the Roman armies in 67 AD, and where many perished when the Romans ultimately overran the almost impregnable fortress/city. Visit Hippos, the city thought to be referenced as the "city on the hill" by Jesus. Travel to Kursi, where Jesus cast out evil spirits from a demon-possessed man and cast them into a group of swine, which ran violently down a steep hill and drowned in the sea (Mark 5: 1-13)

Day 5 March 9 - Tel Dan, Caesarea Philippi, Golan Heights, Bethsaida & Jordan River

Travel to Mount Arbel and walk along its peak for a stunning view of the Sea of Galilee and the area in which Jesus ministered, with extended views of Mt. Hermon in the north. It is a magnificent photo opportunity. Explore Tel Hatzor, one of the oldest archaeological sites in Israel. Here, Joshua fought against Jabin (Josh. 11: 1-11).At the ruins of Tel Dan, and learn where the “House of David” fragment from the First Temple Period was discovered. See the Banyas Spring, one of the sources of Jordan River and Nimrod’s Castle, a Crusader fortress on the southern slopes of Mount Hermon. Visit Chorazin, one of the cities of woe. Finish your day at Capernaum, where Jesus preached in the Synagogue.

Day 6 March 10 - travel south to Beth Shan, and view of Harod Valley, before returning north to Mt Tabor, Wadi Faria, and at Tel Shiloh.

top for a visit in the Roman city of Beth-Shan at the edge of the Jordan Valley below the Sea of Galilee and view Harod Valley We will visit Mt Tabor for an overview of the Jezreel Valley, the site of one of Barak’s great victories. With a stop at Wadi Faria that has been identified as the location of biblical Tizarh. Visit the Tel at Shiloh, once the location of the Tabernacle and center of Hebrew worship for over 300 years (Joshua 18:1).

Day 7 March 11 - Neot Kedumim - the Biblical Gardens, First century model, Yad Hashmonah in Kiriath Jearim,

Enjoy a visit to Neot Kedumim. It is the world's only Biblical nature reserve, spread across 625 acres of restored landscape. Here you will find the plants and trees of Biblical Israel, excavated and restored ancient agricultural installations, vineyards and olive groves, water pools, wildlife and breathtaking views. Understand better the Jerusalem of Jesus’ day with a look at the first-century model of the city of Jerusalem, now housed at the Israel Museum. Journey unto Yad Hashmonah Biblical Garden where you will receive hands-on exposure to ancient mannerisms and customs of the Israelites. Moving east unto the IBEX campus at Kiriath Jearim.

Day 8 March 12 - In Jerusalem, visit new excavations at City of David, Bethphage and walk down to Garden of Gethsemane for meditation, Garden Tomb.

Wander through the excavations of the City of David. Walk the steps to the Pool of Siloam, recently uncovered at the foot of the City. Pray in the Garden of Gethsemane as Jesus prayed (Matt. 26: 36 - 44).Your final destination allows time for reflection at the Garden Tomb.

Day 9 March 13 -Travel to Masada, Ein Gedi, Qumran, and Jericho. Visit spring and tel in Jericho.

Head to Jericho to visit the ruins of the ancient city Joshua conquered (Josh. 6:20). Off in the distance, you can see the traditional site of the Temptation of Jesus (Matt. 4:1). Stop in Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947 by a Bedouin shepherd.Next stop is Ein Gedi on the shores of the Dead Sea. This area is where David hid from the pursuing King Saul (1 Samuel 23 29: "And David went up from thence, and dwelt in strong holds at Engedi"). Enjoy a visit to Masada, the spectacular mountaintop fortress built by Herod that later became the final tragic stronghold of the Jewish rebellion against the Romans. Ride the cable car to the top to explore the fortress and look down upon the remains of the Roman camps and siege ramp below. On the way to Jerusalem, stop at the shores of the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on earth.

Day 10 March 14 - In Jerusalem, walk the rabbinical tunnel, visit The Temple treasures institute, the Old city cemetery (graves of HG Spafford and Oskar Schindler), Temple Mount, Pool of Bethesda with Church of St Anne and nearby Gabbatha, Burnt House Museum.

In Jerusalem, walk the Rabbinical Tunnel (Underground along the Western wall) with a visit to The Temple Treasure Institute. Visit Old city cemetery and thegrave stone for Spafford and other members of the American Colony in the Protestant Cemetery on Mount Zion. View the Pool of Bethesda where Jesus performed the Sabbath miracle (John 5:1-18). Sing a hymn in the Church of St. Anne and experience its rich acoustics. Journey unto the Burnt House and Wohl Archaeological Museum, testimony to the Roman invasion of 70 A.D. and the destruction of Jerusalem. We will again visit the Western (Wailing) Wall and then up to the Temple Mount to visit the Dome of the Rock and El Aska Mosque.

Day 11 March 15 - Departure

Heald home to the USA.

Departure Dates

  1. Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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