Here are a few reasons why you should use ETS for your Faith Based Cruises:

Price – The Bottom Line

ETS President Joseph Cavarra has been working in the cruise industry for over 30 years. He was formerly the Vice President of Sales for Costa Cruise lines. He knows all the intricacies of the business and is able to come out with prices that are often well below what the cruise lines offer.

Experience - 40 Years Strong

After 40 years in the business, we have learned a thing or two. Although cruising was not our first traveling venture, we have become pretty good at it to go along side our land tours. Staying in business through 9-11 and incidences in the Middle East (our top destination) took perseverance but we came out the other side better. When the recent Revolution begun in Egypt, thousands of tourists were stranded in a volatile area. ETS anticipated the problem and was ready to act immediately. All of ETS passengers were evacuated safely and timely, many were rerouted and given a complimentary tour of Rome in place of their Cairo tour. While other tour companies were unprepared and left passengers, ETS was with their passengers every step of the way.

On Faith Based Cruises:

Shore Excursions

Individual shore excursions when booked through the cruise line add up.

For example: If you booked the Lands of the Bible Cruise on 5/14/12 through the cruise line you would have to pay for all of your individual shore excursions on your own, most of them over $100/day. When booking through ETS, your shore excursions to Ancient Rome, Alexandria, Cairo, The Galilee, Bethlehem & Jerusalem, Ephesus, and Corinth & Athens are all included!!! These are with some of the best guides around, knowledgeable about the Christian and geographical history of the area and many of them have worked with ETS for many years.

Guest Speakers

We take pride in finding the best and most prestigious Christian speakers for our cruises. With headliners like Dr. Paul L. Maier, Dr. Peter Graves, and Dr. Monte Luker you won’t find a more qualified lineup to speak on a biblical cruise. The guest speakers enhance your journey, giving you an even deeper spiritual voyage