ETS Air Policy

Part I: Group Space
Part II: Upgrades & Deviations
Part III: Ground Only Passengers


Part I: Group Space

  • Group Block: ETS blocks group space for most departures as soon as it becomes available (typically 11 months prior to departure). As the final payment date approaches, ETS looks at the groups that have developed and matches them to the space being held.
  • Pricing: Although pricing is “Based on New York Prices”, ETS will look for the best routing for the group from the city(s) the group is coming from.
  • Domestic Departure Cities: Guests who are departing from a different domestic departure city than their group are not guaranteed to fly with the group. If guests decide to do their own domestic airfare, ETS is not responsible for making sure they arrive in time to catch their international flight are not responsible for missed connections. It is advised that guests handling their own domestic flights give a 24 hour cushion so they do not miss their international flight.
  • Deviations: Passengers who choose to depart from a different city than the group, deviate from the group or travel on a pre or post tour will be on a different flight(s) from the group. For full information on deviations see Part II: Upgrades and Deviations Below.
  • Late Changes: At final payment, ETS begins cutting back group space (releasing unsold space). Any changes after the final payment date (name changes, flight changes, late additions, cancellations etc.) will incur fees.
  • Passports: Passport copies should be submitted online via Agents Corner prior to final payment. This helps prevent passengers from being ticketed with the wrong passport name. Name change fees will be a minimum of $200 and as high as full ticket replacement.
  • Seat selection: Special seating requests can be requested but is not guaranteed and often not accommodated for group allotment. Many group contracts do not give seat assignments until 24 hours prior to departure and are at the discretion of the airline. Airlines reserve the right to switch seats up until boarding. ETS is not responsible for seat assignments and changes.

Typical Air Schedule:

  • 11 months prior to departure
        - ETS blocks group space on multiple airlines with many routing options
  • 105 days prior to departure
         - ETS looks at groups booked and matches it with air space being held
         - ETS drops unsold space (any changes or additions after this date will incur fees)
  • 45 to 30 days prior to departure
         - Groups are ticketed and flight letters are sent with final documents

Part II: Upgrades & Deviations

  • Pricing: The cost of upgrading international flights start at:
    • Economy Plus / Premium Economy: $2000+
    • Business Class: $4000+

Costs can be much higher depending on the airline and/or routing

  • Procedures: Any passenger choosing to upgrade or deviate from the group:
    • Will not travel with the group
    • Will have requests answered on a first come – first served basis (the earlier you get requests in, the better)
    • Must submit a passport copy before the request can be quoted
    • Once quoted, seats can only be held for a certain period of time (typically by 1 p.m. the following day). Once quoted, guests must pay immediately upon accepting the terms of the upgrade or deviation. If the payment is not made within the specified time period it will have to be requoted.
    • Most deviations require separate transfers to and from the group hotel. ETS can arrange these transfers ahead of time for an additional cost.
    • Travel Protection costs may increase as a result of upgrades or deviations. Increases must be paid with upgrade/deviation payment.
  • Submitting Requests: All requests must be submitted with passport via the Request Air Upgrade link:

Part III: Ground Only Passengers