Make a Payment by Credit Card

Click Here to Make a Credit Card Payment

Paypal is the credit card processor for ETS. 

When submitting payments here are some helpful hints:

  1. Make sure you are logged out of your paypal account before beginning the process
  2. Credit card charges will appear as ‘Educational Opportunities Tours, Inc’
  3. When the “Purchase Details” screen appears, enter the total to be charged to the credit card in the price per item field:
  1. On the ‘Pay with PayPal’ screen, do not log-in to paypal, click "Checkout as Guest"


5.  Enter YOUR Agent Email and click Continue


Click Here to Make a Credit Card Payment

*ETS and PayPal are serious about fraud prevention.  To this end, attempts to process multiple credit cards from the same IP address/computer terminal are often flagged/blocked by PayPal. If you are experiencing a challenge with processing multiple payments, please try to utilize a private browser or VPN.  If you are still experiencing a challenge, wait 24 hours and try again.  After 24 hours, if the issue is not resolved, please consider making an ACH payment or contact ETS to manually process the credit card payment(s) over the phone.