What's Included

  • All Inclusive Pricing
  • Fuel Surcharges and Gov't Taxes
  • International Airfare
  • Entrance and Program Fees
  • Meals on Ship
  • Overseas Airport Transfers
  • Port Charges
  • Cruise
  • Administrative Fee

Additional Baggage and Optional fees may apply.

Daily Itinerary

Day 1 January 18 - BUENOS AIRES

Your journey of a lifetime begins as you depart the USA on your international flight to Argentina.

Day 2 January 19 - BUENOS AIRES

You will arrive in Buenos Aires where you will be met by our representative and transferred to board the Norwegian Star.

Day 3 January 20 - MONTEVIDEO

Resting on the southernmost point of the Rio de la Plata, Uruguay's capital is a charming city. Tour the Establecimiento Juanico winery with buildings dating back to 1849. Wander the Plaza Independencia or take in the scenery at Estancia La Rabida.

Day 4 January 21 - AT SEA

At Sea

Day 5 January 22 - PUERTO MADRYN

If you want to see wildlife, go to the Punta Tombo Nature Reserve. Puerto Madryn is a gateway to remote wildlife preserves and Argentine patagonia. Visit the Paleontology Museum in the Chubut Valley. 

Day 6 January 23 - AT SEA

At Sea

Day 7 January 24 - PUNTA ARENAS

From the original name "Sandy Point," this southernmost capital city in Chile had its humble beginnings as sparse penal colony near the Straits of Magellan. Today, Punta Arenas is regarded as a geopolitical point of interest given its strategic location as a gateway to the Antarctic Peninsula.

Day 8 January 25 - USHUAIA

Hike beautiful trails framed by the sea, forests, lakes and mountains. See Andean Condors and the rugged beauty of Tierra del Fuego National Park. Ushuaia is one of two main cities on the island territory of Tierra del Fuego.

Day 9 January 26 - AT SEA

At Sea


Cruise Paradise Island


Situated off the coast of Antarctica, Elephant Island is named after the elephant seals that populate it and due to the island being shaped like an elephant head. Rugged mountains, glistening sheets of ice and unique wildlife add to the mystique of this remote destination. Despite its seemingly unforgiving, yet hauntingly beautiful landscape, legions of tuxedoed-looking penguins waddle across the rocky terrain while giant elephant seals lounge on its shores.

Day 12 January 29 - AT SEA

At Sea


Arrive to the capital of the Falkland Islands, also known as Port Stanley and you’ll find a coastal town worthy of a jigsaw puzzle. This quaint city is home to a small population (so few are the residents that the town’s only “jail” can only hold thirteen people.) But it’s a place big on things to see and do. Whether you visit the Anglican Christ Church Cathedral, the southernmost cathedral in the world, or look for penguins.

Day 14 January 31 - AT SEA

At Sea

Day 15 February 1 - AT SEA

At Sea

Day 16 February 2 - BUENOS AIRES

Transfer to airport to return home with a Memories to Last a Lifetime.

Departure Dates

  1. Saturday, January 18, 2025
    From $4598
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